football in Cyprus

Hey there. The reason why I write in english now is because the computer doesn't have the finnish or swedish ae or o with the dots on the top of it.
Today I've had a really good day. I was out yesterday with the guides that works for Finnmatkat, so it went pretty late before I got home. I had to wake up early, because I had a game today with AEK Konstantia, a team outside Paralimni. I was tired, and it was so hot to play today, but it went pretty well.
We played against Nikosia. We lost 4-1, but I got the honor to strike Konstantias only goal. It wasn't pretty, but it was the first goal for this season, haha!
I really enjoyed playing with the team here. After all the pressure and stress that I've got from this shitty 2012 season, it was nice to just play for fun. There's was no pressure at all, and the girls really played with their own imagination. The coach wasn't ordering them to do this and that, they had to keep their mind in the game all the time and use their own brains.
Sometimes I feel that is something we don't have in Finnish football. Everything is so organized, and sometimes it's too organized that the players can't think by theirselves.
Another thing which was so wonderful about the football players here that everybody is so positive. There's no shouting, yelling and complaining at each other, everybody is trying to trigger everyone to do things better and play better football. Words like "bravo" are really common when you stand on the fields here, and it makes you wanna do things much better than you did before.
The players didn't even complain about the very badly pumped balls or anything. There were no such players as I call "material players". Everybody made the best that they could of what they had, and God I loved to watch it and be a part of it. In Finland, and Sweden also, everything has to be tip top, and you've got to have the best material to succeed. If the balls aren't pumped you can hear the whining and if you have balls that are made of bad material you will definitely hear complaining about it. Why can't we just be happy that we have got material and can do the things we love?

Anyway, things seems to be so simple here. There's no bigger needs for material things, and everybody is so happy and nice to the people that come to visit this country. And I'm sure that we material addicted people from Scandinavia have a lot to learn from these warm hearted greeks over here. We need to learn about their simplicity in everything they do, and their non-craving lifestyle: they don't demand the fanciest and best material in the world. The Scandinavians are materialists, but we really should take example from these people that lives here in the countries by the Mediterranean Sea. If anyone of you out there has a  chance to travel to these countries and maybe train or play football with a small or big team here - do it! You'll learn so much from these people. And remember, Less is more.


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